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API version: ba085a6

Error codes

When an error occurs, a non-200 response code will be sent, including one of the following error codes in the response body:

Response CodeError CodeReason
302E3020Already exists: {field}
400E4000Bad Request
400E4001Invalid Header: {header}
400E4002Invalid Header Format: {header} should be of form {form}
403E4030Permission Denied: {msg}
403E4032Operation failed due to rule: {ruleId}. Reason: {msg}
403E4034Permission Denied: Token expired
404E4040Not found
404E4041Not found: {field} of {value}
404E4042Not found: some / all {field} could not be found
406E4060Invalid Argument: {field}
406E4061missing argument: {field}
406E4062{field} must not be supplied
406E4063{field} field should be of type {type}
406E4064only one of {x} or {y} should be supplied
406E4065state mismatch {existingState} not equal to {fromState}
406E4066Invalid state transition from {fromState} to {toState}
406E4067Invalid state transition, {msg}
406E4068Invalid PQL query - ${msg}
403E4069Operation failed due to rule: {ruleId}. Reason: {msg}
403E4031Permission Denied: {msg}
403E4034Permission Denied: Token expired
500E5000Something went wrong
500E5001Something went wrong during {op}
500E5002Something went wrong - {msg}
500E5003Database error on {db} - {code} - {msg}
501E5010Not Implemented
501E5011Not Implemented: {procedure}
501E5012Not Implemented: subtype {subtype} of type {type}

{value}s will be replaced with context-specific values when the error is returned.

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