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API version: ba085a6

Strong Customer Authentication

The EU Revised Directive on Payments Services (PSD2 - article 97) sets out new requirements for electronic payments and the protection of consumers' financial data. Starting from 14th September 2019, payment service providers will be required to make sure they have performed strong customer authentication (SCA) for any interaction with a payment account (e.g. getting balances, initiating transactions etc.)

Strong Customer Authentication refers to an authentication based on the use of at least two or more factors from the following categories:

  • Knowledge (something only the user KNOWS) e.g. PIN, Password
  • Possession (something only the user HAS) e.g. Device, Token
  • Inherence (something that the user IS) e.g. Fingerprint, Facial Recognition

The two factors used must be from different categories.

SCA with Paybase

When integrating with the Paybase API, you are in control of the authentication experience that you provide to your users and can choose the authentication flows and methods that fit best within your user flows. Some common solutions include:

You will then be required to create a customer token for the following API endpoints instead of using your main API token.