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API version: ba085a6

Getting money into the system

The Paybase platform supports multiple ways of getting money into the customer's accounts and beyond. At the top level this is either via card or using a bank transfer, each payment type also has a few different methods which can be used depending on your requirements and use case.

Card inbound

We can accept card payments into accounts, this can be with stored cards or one time use cards if your product supports guests.

Bank transfer inbound

We support two ways of paying in via bank transfer, both use the reference to determine which account the funds should go to. The first is using a transaction reference, this is useful when you need to specify the amount upfront. You would create the transaction with the required amount, then request a reference for it, when we receive the reference we match it against the transaction and check the amount matches and then the transaction will be complete and the funds available for use. The second reference method is using an account reference, in this case the reference links to the account rather than a specific transaction. When we receive the inbound payment and the reference matches an account then we will create an inbound transaction to that account and the funds will be available for use.

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